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Czech Dance
In Action 2016

Czech Dance in Action 2016 presents a selection of ten choreographies of contemporary dance and new circus. It is prepared by the Dance Section of the Arts and Theatre Institute and aims at presenting the top Czech production to foreign producers, art directors of theatres and festivals, and supporting the opportunities for foreign presentation of Czech dance art.

Czech independent dance, motion theatre and new circus ranks among the dynamic art branch, which generates artworks as well as innovations, education projects and projects with social impact.

The Czech independent dance scene is shaped by activities of several very important people and companies, as well as activities of production groups and areas providing space for presentation, project development and residence background. They have recently become important cultural and community centers. Czech dance subjects are active members of many international networks and due to artistic achievements, many significant dance and choreographic talents and high-quality infrastructure, Czech dance has become a solid and well-respected part of the world dance community.