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Gossip, blather, slander, misinformation or rumours are a cross-cultural phenomenon ofhumanity. The power and punch sound of the word uttered in the form of slanderis often more powerful than the gun.

It spreads at great speed, it cannot beresisted, it can easily injure, discredit, turn a life around without anyphysical contact. Slander is faster than light and often upon us before itarises. We feed it and we deform, we need it and condemn.

About the author

Lenka Vagnerová works as an independent choreographer, dancer and dance teacher in the contemporary Czech and international dance scene. In 2012 she established in Prague dance theatre Lenka Vagnerová & Company. Existential questions, urgency of topics of man's relationship to animals and the environment, play with reality and fantasy are characteristic for the creations of LV&C. Lenka puts emphasis on the qualities and details of the precision of movement; she uses the power of group dynamics; she is looking for physical capabilities and physical boundaries of man's own body. The company regularly collaborates with dancers, actors and musicians.

About the LV&C, Nina Vangeli, Dance Zone 2015:
„An intriguing type of physical theatre is pursued in the Czech Republic by Lenka Vagnerová, a fabulous dancer and a great choreographic talent. A graduate of dance schools, she has attained a refined physical expression owing to her bold sense of theatre and urge to voice her opinion of substantial issues – the question of power, the question of the co-existence between humans and other natural beings. She excels in finding subjects and creating sceneries, as well as coming up with original movement variations, and, what is more, she possesses a great sense of dynamics and humor."

What the critics say

"Nobody has doubted from the beginning that this will be one of the events of the season.” “The overwhelming concentration of thoughts and attitudes that the individual sections reveal is truly extraordinary."

Jakub Novák, Taneční zóna, 2015

“Vagnerova’s Gossip is a changeable, lively and moving dance huddle, which can induce nausea as in a trip on a roller coaster."

Karolina Plicková, World and Theatre 2016


Lenka Vagnerová


24. 11. 2015

Lenght of the performance

75 min

Choreographed by

Lenka Vagnerová


Andrea Opavská, Fanny Barrouquéra, Radoslav Piovarči, Branislav Bašista, Michal Heriban, Ivo Sedláček

Lighting design

Michal Kříž

Sound design

Andrej Jurkovič


Ivan Acher

Awards and special mentions

THALIA  AWARD 2015 – nomination for Andrea Opavská
THALIA  AWARD 2015 – nomination for Ivo Sedláček
Svět a Divadlo - Talent of  the Year 2015 - nomination for Ivo Sedláček
Opera Plus Audience Award 2016:
The best Dancer: nominations for Fanny Barrouquére, Andrea Lamešová-Opavská, Ivo Sedláček
The best Choreography: nominations for Lenka Vagnerová

Nuber of travelling persons


Ideal stage area

Middle, everybody in the audience must be above the stage floor level