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An audio-visual dance performance on the search for a guide, which takes place without our even knowing it. Would we do something differently if we knew how it would all end one day? What if some day someone who wants to help us is waiting there and we don't hear them?

A performance about knowledge, aging, finding strength, courage and decisiveness.
The GUIDE project was created by a collective of expressive young artists who first met while working on the production of Antikódy based on the poetry of Václav Havel created for the New Stage of the National Theatre.

About the author

Vera Ondrasikova
Studied choreography at AMU in Prague (Ph.D.). As a dancer she has taken part in projects by Czech and foreign choreographers. She won the Most Outstanding Dancer Award at the Masdanza Festival in the Canary Islands and was nominated in the Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo competition in Leipzig. Her performances have been presented at the Tanec Praha Festival, the Biennale de la danse in Lyon, the Aerowaves Festival in London, Aerodance in Amsterdam, Cynetart in Dresden and Masdanza in the Canary Islands (1st prize for group work). She has worked as a choreographer in residence in Mexico, Germany and France. She created the choreography for Havel's Antikódy at the New Stage of the National Theatre, which was also performed in Washington, Miami and New York in 2013. Along with British director Mike Bell, she ran a workshop BENEXT in Birmingham and was selected to take part in a residency initiated by the Czech Centre London.

What the critics say

„I thought it was very interesting, I haven´t seen anything like that before, they were playing with my eyes, which I always enjoy, and it was very inventive. I personally like to see an old body on the stage and I think  this body has a lot of embodied knowledge that is accessible to us almost immediately just by standing there."

Bush Hartshorn

"Speaking about GUIDE, this theme touches all of us in the sence of what do we learn...if we could have the opportunity to learn from ourselves in the future from somebody else who is looking back – what would we do, what would we want to know, what we would change. The topic itself is one of the theme that hits everybody, but it was also very beautifully done, the way how the effectes were used, absolute precision of the movements was quite magical and I think that was something I certainly vaulted."

Laura Kumin

"GUIDE is a relatively innovative concept in this country, in particular thanks to its combination of very specific work with light and dance, making it a foreshadowing of the future and a preview of dance in formats that we aren't quite used to or in tune with yet, which on the one hand is surprising, especially with regards to the ubiquity of technology in everyday life. Ondruš's character is somewhat reminiscent of Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince and also assumes something of his melancholy. His dancing, in spite of its precision of movement and control, is very lively and natural. His older self, portrayed here by actor Miloslav Mejzlík, in many respects represents Ondruš's alter ego, rather than the expected "successor in time", which as a result reflects well the often vast changes of human character over the years. As much as both of them have the same interest and are simultaneously formed by the same experiences, just to a different degree and extent, the approach to movement within this search for the self is a good illustration of this transformation."

Jakub Novák, Taneční zóna


Věra Ondrašíková


3. 12. 2015

Lenght of the performance

40 min

Concept and choreography

Věra Ondrašíková

Interactive media

Dan Gregor

Programming software

Michal Rydlo

Live Music

Filip Míšek


Jaro Ondruš, MiloslavMejzlík/Josef Kotěšovský


Marta Ljubková


Hana Frišonsová

Technical support

Pavel Kotlík


Lucie Špačková

Awards and special mentions

Light Design Award
The Audience Award
Best Danser for the main protagonist Jaro Ondruš

Nuber of travelling persons


Ideal stage area

Middle, everybody in the audience must be above the stage floor level


Lucie Špačková