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Somewhere in a city, in a yard hidden in between houses, there is a wall. A wall that challenges us, puts our courage to test and lets our imagination go riot.

Also, there is a piece of luggage, one to contain our childhood, long lost wishes we have once packed up. A little boy and five adult men return to the yard, each of them with a bag, to revive their boyhood fantasies. You know, a whole wide world may be hiding behind the wall. Just try and jump over. Or simply climb up and look at the city from a bird's-eye view. Or, why don't we open up the bag and recall a song:

Long, long time ago, a boy was just a boy
never realizing that he was just a boy,
walking around with his head down,
grudging over spinach, milk rice
and peas for dinner.
Not to talk of steamed cauliflower.
Today, he can eat all of those.

About the Author

Jana Burkiewiczová
Since completing her studies at the Dance Centre Prague (2002) and graduating from the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2009), Jana has focused on innovating the contemporary dance and theatre scene. She has participated in many workshops abroad with a focus on progressive trends in contemporary dance (ImPulsTanz Workshop in Vienna, Gaga Intensive Workshop Antwerp, Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in New York and Calabria arte danza in the Italian town of Reggio Calabria. She has choreographed many musicals and operas, including Don Giovanni (National Theatre in Prague, directed by Skutr), Mauglí (Mowgli, Kalich Theatre in Prague, directed by Skutr), Quasimodo (Hybernia Theatre in Prague, directed by Martin Kukučka),Marná lásky snaha (Love’s Labour’s Lost in Klicpera’s Theatre in Hradec Králové, directed by Braňo Mazuch) and Urinetown (František Xaver Šalda Theatre in Liberec, directed by Lucie Málková). For the international project Lidoskop (United Arts), she combined contemporary dance with contemporary circus elements and world-class acrobatics. Last year, she choreographed the Ženy show (Women, Komedie Theatre in Prague) in collaboration with Adéla Stodolová which brought dance and acting together, creating a unified interpretation of constantly changing symbolic images.

What the critics say

"Behind the wall grown up men heckle themselves like boys… “Losers created a light show with a clear story, modest scene and strong performances.”

MF DNES | Tomáš Šťástka

"Fatal passion and humor under the big Letenás chapiteau. “If the Czech way means fewer effects and magnificence, but more ideas and playfulness, so there is no reason to go any other way.”

Lidovky | Jana Machalická

"Losers builds an allegory of childhood from boards and chalk. “Directors of Walls and Handbags may not even realize how much their work resonates with contemporary currents in the psychology and spiritual direction emphasizing the role and a symbol of a child, childhood.”

Opera Plus | Lucie Kocourková 


Jana Burkiewiczová


17. 8. 2015

Lenght of the performance

70 min

Libretto, direction and choreography

Jana Burkiewiczová

Direction and dramaturgy



Adriana Černá


Petr Kaláb

Proposal acrobatic modules

Petr Horníček, Zdeněk Moravec


Michal Bláha


Marián Starý


United Arts, s.r.o.


Petr Horníček, Lukáš Macháček, Matyáš Ramba, Vítězslav Ramba, Jindřich Panský a Kryštof Unger

Awards and special mentions

Theatre News Awards in the category of dance and movement theater; I-Divadlo: Best Performance of the Year 2015 - 3rd place

Nuber of travelling persons


Ideal stage area

large 10x14m


Eva Tázlerová eva@unitedarts.cz